Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vote Ann Widdecombe!

I've blogged about the Bad Faith Awards, but @simonmhickson, of Trev and Simon fame (who are national treasures), re-tweeted this from @sunny_hundal:

Blogged: : Ann Widdecombe is not a National Treasure, she's a very nasty person http://bit.ly/cCqVJy
Read the post, but here's the rap sheet:

  • She is anti-abortion and seems to have problems with embryonic stem cell researchwhilst not fully understanding the science behind it.  Scientists didn’t want to create a human/animal hybrid Ann.

  • She is anti-Sex Education.

  • She supports Homophobia as long it’s by religious people (It’s free speech you know.)

  • She supports tougher drug laws.

  • She seems to think that the Church of England apologising for the Crusades and slavery “makes them look silly”.

  • She believes in censorship.

  • She is one of the idiot MP’s who wanted Terrorism suspects detained for 42 daysdespite no evidence that it would help investigations in any way.

  • She is against political parties trying to help get more women into Parliament.

  • She seems to agree with PETA on some things (they even gave her an award).

  • She insisted that Tories “throughout the Thatcher period” had always cared about the poor.

  • She writes for the Daily Express.

  • She was opposed to the repeal of Section 28.

  • She is a climate change denier.

  • She left the Church of England because they started ordinating woman.

  • In 1996 she defended the Governments policy of shackling pregnant women with handcuffs and chains when in hospital

  • So, please, let’s vote for her in the Bad Faith awards. It’s a good opportunity to voice your contempt for this horrible, odious and thoroughly unpleasant person.

    UPDATE: I'll leave the original article intact, but following comments below, I just want to highlight that the above rap sheet comes from a post on Pickled Politics, and was written Martyn Norris. Credit should be given where credit is due, and I don't really deserve much for this post, as it's barely anything original from me.


    1. It might be worth clarifying that she was in favour of shackling pregnant prisoners, not all pregnant women... I'm not defending her in any way, but it might be confusing to those who have not heard of this before!

      Also, I know the part about her defending creationism and the 'evidence to support it' in schools is on the poll page, but it might be worth putting in

      I can't believe that she is now being considered a 'National Treasure' because people are amused at watching her bumbling about on Strictly Come Dancing... How short are their memories?

    2. hello, that was a guest post on the site by me.

    3. It is strange to find a copy of PP's post here with no trackback. It would of been good form to link to the actual blog post on Pickled Politics written by Martyn Norris.

      It would of been better form not to have produced a poor copy of Martyn's post.

    4. http://www.pickledpolitics.com/archives/10697

    5. Good post Martyn. I'm bewildered at how we are now expected to love her. I wish her no ill, certainly now she's out of politics, but she's no treasure (though she is kind to animals it seems).

    6. Thank you Simon, the Pickled Politics version differs very slightly from the original version but I think it is probably better on PP. They corrected my mistakes so thank you @earwicga for saving my from Iain Dale xx

    7. @Ailbhe Thanks for clarifying

      @Martyn Norris Sorry for not mentioning you in my post.

      Which leads me to...

      @earwicga (and also Martyn) Sorry you though this post was in poor form. I wrote it *very* quickly, before disappearing off for the evening, and it shows.

      I did encourage people to go read the post, but not as emphatically as I should have done, and whilst I have linked to the Pickled Politics post twice, it is obviously not as apparent as it should be. Thanks for the comment, I'll take more care in future : )

      @simonhickson Thanks again for showing me Martyn's great post.

    8. I didn't think that it was in poor form, I just wanted to say hi really xx


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