Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear skeptics, you don't need to be a PZ to make a difference!

I have some great news!

I'm a capoeira obsessive, and obviously ended up mentioning it in my SITP talk at some point. Through considerably less than six degrees of separation, one of the audience (hello if you're reading!), mentioned that she'd seen this talk from a guy that did capoeira, to one of my capoeirista friends, who then asked if it was me, as I was (unsurprisingly) the first that sprang to mind.

The great thing is that, so I'm told, she's "into alternative medicine and stuff like that" but that she's re-assesing how she thinks about them. This is great, and the best possible thing I could have heard about the talk! It was, so I'm told, down to my clear, plain arguments.

Now it's true that very small fry like myself don't have any significant fraction of the impact of Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens or PZ Myers when it comes to addressing issues of skepticism etc, but it all does make a difference. So, if you, dear reader, would class yourself as very small fry as well, and wonder if you're having any impact in tackling pseudoscience and such, then take heart, as it's probably more than you think, and it all adds up!

As I've mentioned capoeira, I'll leave you with an interview about capoeira I did on Radio 2 in the hope that I can have a bit more of an impact in the regard too ; )

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