Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5th International Capoeira Festival, Cheltenham 8th - 10th June

Capoeira is one of my favouritest things in the world (I have probably mentioned this before). If you can make it to Cheltenham for 8th - 10th, we (Oficina da Capoeira UK) are having our fifth festival, and you're invited.
Here's a wee taster of what capoeira is:

Here's what's going on:
Friday - capoeira workshops, an open roda and a social (food and drinks).
Saturday - street roda, capoeira workshops, maculele and a party.
Sunday - breakfast, street roda, capoeira workshops, grading and social.
If anyone's into capoeira, and knows the film "Besouro", then there will be a screening of that too, with some of the film's stars.
Everyone's welcome - even if you don't play capoeira, come to the party and/or watch the street rodas!
If you want any more info leave a comment, join on Facebook or email me.
Abre a roda meu povo!

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