Thursday, July 12, 2012

Olympic Torch Relay in Salisbury

I know that there are many valid criticisms of London 2012, but I am still excited by it, and have been looking forward to it since it's announcement. I enjoy sport - both taking part, and watching others, and it was in that spirit I wanted to see the relay. One of my friends described the relay as a once in a lifetime opportunity to be underwhelmed, but I thought it was good fun! Everyone was in a good mood, and were happy, and obviously as school projects, there were a lot of children with homemade flags, and looked very sweet.

Here's the start in Salisbury (which I was also leased to see - I wondered how the flame was transported):

It was a jolly atmosphere, and I lamented not being with any capoeiristas, it was just the mood for an impromptu roda! The relay finished in Hudson's Field, where there'd been things going on all day, and I walked up there to see what was happening. With the crowds of people (which were nice to see) there was no chance of keeping up with the relay, so I missed seeing it arrive in the field. But the events were good - I enjoyed the band that were on the stage (alas, I don't know who they were, but they were rocking the stage).

I got to have my picture with one of the torches:

Whilst one of those valid criticisms alluded to is the way the events been sponsored, it was good to see a tent with lots of local businesses - yummy homemade confectionary, cheeses, sausages, charities and The Wiltshire Tea Company, who are serious about their tea (in a good way!).  Can't wait to be a bit richer and buy some of their produce (especially the Japanese Wild Cherry which smelt *amazing* and must be brewed for 45 seconds, and not a second either way!). Which will also go nicely in my new teapot from my lovely girlfriend.

I didn't stay for the fireworks - the band changed and were covering pop songs, which weren't enough to keep me, especilly as I was on my lonesome and had had my fill, so I strolled home.

It's easy to be a critic all the time, and sadly these Olympics have provided much fuel. But why not take these moments, whilst still being mindful of the criticisms, and just enjoy them?

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