Friday, November 5, 2010

Even more Amaz!ng

I posted last month about the Million Dollar Challenge, and the assets being there, ready for any one that can prove their paranormal claim.

Two further things on this:

Firstly, Jerry Coyne highlighted a paper which supposedly shows people being influenced in their choices by stimuli after  they've chosen (only just catching up on Why Evolution Is True, it's from Oct 31). James Randi has, of course, highlighted that if this trial can be replicated, then the Million Dollar Challenge would have a winner.

Secondly, despite having a very speedy response to my query about Bank Statements, I was pleasantly surprised to have a letter from James Randi himself, with copies of the statements in. Given that the amount of time it takes to read the JREF website's info, and, if further proof was wanted, to send an email, it quite clear that if any one tells you the money is not there, they have clearly not spent the 5 minutes needed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that JREF sit on the assets.

James Randi wrote:

"Enclosed is a copy of the March Prize Account statement. This is separate from the regular JREF operating accounts. I do not have available a more recent one at the moment, since all these documents are presently at another JREF office in Virginia. The current (October) statement is similar to this one, but the assets figure is now considerably higher.

The actual amount of the awardable prize is one million dollars, not the total amount shown. We occasionally draw on the interest for special purposes, when necessary.

I trust this documentation serves your needs, and I thank you for your request"

Yes, it certainly does serve my needs, thank you very much!

Needless to say, but I have made a donation to cover the postage costs.

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