Friday, November 12, 2010

Questions for Rodial

So, I've been through all of Rodial's products.

Below I have copied their claims of "clinically" proven, or where they've said x% increase in that. In addition, I've higlhighted some other claims which lead me to questions, which I ask afterwards. Please note that these are genuine questions, for which Rodial may offer me answers.

I'll be calling at lunch time later today to see if they will provide me with any more evidence for these, or answer the questions asked below. As Ben Goldacre and Rhys Morgan have been turned down, I don't hold out much hope, but will be chuffed if I'm being needlessly pessimistic.

UPDATE: I called Rodial, and I was told that they couldn't answer any of my questions at all. I asked why, and the receptionis said "I'm not sure". Alas, the internet at work was down, so I now have to catch up this afternoon. This evening I'll email trading standards, as claims are made for which no evidence is given so I am unsure if these claims are accurate, and other claims are made (for example, how "Boob job" works) that seem contrary to what I have learnt.

If I'm not given any evidence, then I shall write to Trading Standards, and this blog post will be the main body of my concerns.

They are currently suing Dalia Nield, so I won't comment on the efficacy of these products, but will let you draw your own conclusions about products from a company that claim to be scientific yet sue when challenged, instead of giving evidence; and also (so far) fail to provide evidence to any one that asks for it.

Glamoxy Snake Serum (no, srsly, they sell snake serum!)
"This revolutionary oxygenated, viper-inspired serum contains syn-ake; a neuro peptide that mimics the effects of the Temple Viper's potent venom to instantly lift the face, freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles." Do you really want to mimic this?
"Fiflow BTX (oxygen carrier) - encourages cell respiration to fill and plump the skin, whilst adding instant radiance." How does this increase cell respiration, and, why/how do cells that respire more plump the skin?

Glamtox serum "glamtox serum is the product to erase sun spots and hyper-pigmentation, repairing damaged skin from the harmful rays of the sun." Possibly dangerous if it gives people the idea that they can repair their skin from sun damage. Skin cancer is a serious issue, it's best to use sun block, and cover up, or stay in the shade. Post care can't repair the effects of ionising radiation on your DNA.

Glamtox eyelight pen I have nothing to say about this product.

Glamtox night "glamtox night is clinically proven to reduce the appearence of crows feet and deep set wrinkles, whilst norishing the surface of the skin. glamtox night is your 'must have' night treatment!"

Glamtox sticks "Rich in collagen peptipeptides (natural bioactive protein) that trigger the synthesis of new collagen fibres, and are clinically proven to improve the skin’s moisture level, smoothness and suppleness, hence preventing skin ageing." Pentapeptides - five amino acids strung together. Surely any good quality protein will sort you out, say, a glass of milk? Vitamin C isn't mentioned, but is vital for collagen synthesis.

Glamtox SPF 18 I have nothing to say about this product.

Glamtox cleanser "Increases collagen production resulting in plumper hydrated skin" Is there evidence for this claim?

Glamtox Peel "...and Argirline which works to reduce stress in the skin and to relax contracted muscles..." Muscle relaxant sounds like an active ingrediant - shouldn't that be classed as medicine?

Glamtox eye light SPF15 "This ground-breaking product will not only reduce puffiness, but is clinically proven to help shift those stubborn dark circles." Also says "Restructures and repairs the delicate eye area" What does restructuring of the eye area mean?

Glam Balm
"30% reduction of fine lines and wrinkles;40% increase in lip volume;
Increases collagen production resulting in plumper, fuller skin" Evidence of increased collagen production? By how much, given fine lines, wrinkles and lip volume have been measured?

Glam Balm wipes "Opthalmologically tested, suitable for even the most delicate skin types."

Glam night pack "The glam night pack contains 10 1ml sachets of the NEW glamtox night which has been re-formulated into a amazing lightwight gel to strip 10 years off the face overnight." 10 years!? Really?

Glamtox cleanser pack I have nothing to say about this product.

Tummy tuck sticks "Green Clay- this clay is rich in silica and minerals which help reduce bloating." How?
"Fennel Seeds- eliminate waste and gases, making the tummy appear flatter." How?
"Pineapple and Papaya- contain enzymes which help split proteins and help the body break down food quicker." Unsure what they're getting at. Do they mena that the contents of your stomach will pass into your intestine faster? Do the enzymes in the fruit get digested themselves, or do they indeed help the body's own digestive enzymes?

Tummy tuck "A REVOLUTIONARY stomach flattening formula with stomach flattening micro fibers helps slim and visibly tighten the abdominal area" How do the micro fibres help?
"clinically proven to reduce the abdominal area by up to 2 centimetres in 8 weeks"
"fig extract and neuropeptides break down fatty cells and boost cell metabolism" Do they actually break down fat cells, or do they mean reduce the fat within a fat cell?

Boob job
"Boob job works with your natural fat cells. As the fat cells move around the body after eating, boob job "blocks" the fat into the area where the product has been applied, so the bust and décolleté areas."
This is contrary to what I learnt about lipoprotein metabolism at uni (where my Animal Science degree specialised in nutritional biochemistry). I recall it was something like this, and that adipocytes (that's fat cells) stayed put.
"The key ingredient Sarsasapogenin is extracted from plants and as it is a phytosterol there is NO hormonal activity" So it's not acting like a hormone, yet a physiological effect (larger breasts) results, so what type of activity is happening, why is Sarsasapogenin important?
"Myrrh Resin increases the number of fat cells and enhances fat storage in the hypodermis bust area, resulting in an increase in cup size." How much increase in fat cells?

Bum lift "Cellulite is reduced by a whopping 32% and thigh/buttock girth can be reduced by up to 3.8cm. The skin firmness is improved by 60% and stretch mark appearance is dramatically altered."

Body sculpture "clinically proven to reduce the hip and thigh area by up to one centimetre; breaks down fatty deposits reducing celullite and “orange peel”

Stretch mark eraser
"Boosts collagen production" By how much?

Body deodorant I have nothing to say about this product.

Skinny beach sticks
"Active ingredients, including betacarotene and lycopene, help to build up the tanning pigments in the skin, which provides a powerful layer of antioxidants to protect skin from free radical attacks. What’s more they help to build your natural UV protection levels. Green tea extracts are teamed with meadowsweet which will encourage fat combustion and limit the absorption of lipids." Can they back this up, and do they still encourage standard safety with the sun?

Skinny beach SPF 15 (clear)
"It also contains peptides that will help to boost your natural tanning ability, leaving you with a darker, richer tan, but in less exposure time, furthermore your tan will last longer. Meanwhile caffeine, carnitine complex and saccharide salt work together to rid the body of cellulite presence, reduce swelling and water retention and to improve the overall firmness of the skin." Again, I might be wrong, but shouldn't these kind of things sit with a pharmacist? (Also comes tinted - same claims)

Brazilian tan airbrush
Nothing to say, execpt this is found in "Suncare". Does it actually offer any protection from the sun?

Brazilian tan dark "the darkest self-tan in the market today" Claim based on?... Also, as above, in suncare, but does it offer protection from the sun?

Brazilian tan light I have nothing to say about this product, except, it's in suncare, but does it offer protection from the sun?

Brazilian tan daily Likewise with the above, I have nothing to say about this product, except, it's in suncare, but does it offer protection from the sun?

So there we go, that's every Rodial product I could find.

I will, of course, update with any evidence given to me etc

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