Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cheltenham SITP success!

Cheltenham Skeptics in the Pub got off to a great start last night! We had 31 people in all (though the demographic was unsurprising, got me thinking cap on about how to combat this), and had to get more chairs from upstairs, which was pleasing.

On top of that, I really enjoyed the talk, Breaking the Crop Cirlce, given by Trystan Swale of Righteous Indignation podcast fame.

It was an entertaining talk about the world of the people that make crop circles; why people believe in them having origins other than; and why the evidence given for this falls flat.

Top moments include Trysten finding out his old biology teacher was in the room; the pie I had (beef and venison) and the Cotswold Humanists being kind enough to give away lots of books which needed new homes.

It also left me quite tempted to make one.

This was followed by a fun q & a session, and after that, a bit of mingling. I got to meet, along with lots of lovely people, CJ, who's a really interesting guy, and I hope I'll get to have a longer chat with over a pint or two.

Next meeting's Nervous Laughter: Promoting Science and Skepticism through Comedy, on January 25th, 19:30.

Given by Dean Burnett, a recently qualified doctor of neuroscience, and a stand up comedian to boot. You can check out his blog Science Digestive as a warm up!

Massive thanks to Sall and Will for getting it all together!

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