Friday, February 25, 2011

Homeopathy overdose: Third symptom!

Last night I felt quite fatigued during my run, and especially so at my capoeira class afterwards.

Now, exercise (obviously) makes me tired, but this was much more than usual, and miles 3 and 4 last night were a particular challenge, physical (and mentally, I had to really push myself to keep running and to not walk. Though, as it turns out, despite the dip in pace around that, I still managed to get a new pb for a 10k, and beat my fastest mile by a second!).

Now, could this be the homeopathic pills not giving me enough rest; or could it have been the cumulative total of 32 miles I'd run since the week began, with 3 hours of capoeira as well, staying late at Skeptics in the Pub chatting, followed by volunteering until 02:30 in the morining on Wednesday into Thursday (after my speed training and capoeira class), with work at 09:00 on the Thursday?

I'll go for the latter, but I felt much more tired than usual, so am reporting it.

Later last evening, whilst tucking into a chicken drumstick, liberally splashed with extra hot Tobasco sauce, some of it flicked off, ninjaed under my glasses and got in my eye. It certainly perked me up enough to watch 10 O'Clock live to the end. I do not recommend it as a method of waking you up, as it is *very* painful.

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