Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More iPhone apps for science lovers

Unlike my last lot which were all free, one of these costs, but I feel is worth worth it!

3D Brain - The brain is the most complex thing in the known universe, and you can begin to scratch the wonderful surface of it with this app. Highlights various areas and systems of the brain, explaining what they do. It also links through to research that provides the information for the app. Good stuff!

3D Sun - This app gives you news on the Sun's current activity. I love getting random notifications of the latest Coronal Mass Ejections, and such. It gives you a gallery of pics; a 3D model of the Sun in a range of wavelengths, and also Earth side and far side; news and the current conditions of the Sun (it's got 96 sunspots at the moment, and the Solar wind is travelling at 363.1 km/s, in case you want to know). This app's also free, and comes courtesy of NASA's Heliophysics Division.

iGeology - From the British Geological Society, this lets you see what rocks are at the surface, and also the bedrock underneath where you are (or indeed, anywhere else in the UK if you want to search for it). I'm currently sat typing this above a chalk bedrock formed approximately 65 - 99 million years ago, as, back in the day, here used to be a warm chalk sea. Above the bedrock though, it's clay, silt and sand from 2 million years ago. Seas are so Cretaceous, it's all river domination these days.

Particle Zoo - This is another free app, and lists all the subatomic particles in a handy list. I will confess, some of these particles are a little over my head - I'm not sure what superpartners are in relation to quantum physics for example, but that's ok, as it gives me something to learn (and the ever increasing list of books to read includes stuff on quantum physics). The app links through to the lovely plushies produced by Particle Zoo. Gotta love the geeky toys!

Sky View - I've got the free version, but there's also a £1.49 version which I haven't got (but would if I had more money). This lets you point your iPhone at the sky (or the ground) and tells you what constellations, planets, moons etc are there. On top of that, it will use the camera, and layer this info on top of what you're seeing, so even in daylight, you can get the stars layered over the daytime sky and see the stars currently blocked by clouds, or the light of the sun.

Solar Walk - this is an excellent app (and I thank Glenn Caine for pointing it out to me). Normally it costs about £2.30, but just by chance as I write this, it's 70% off, and is well worth your spending 69 pence. It lets you explore the solar system, zooming in on the planets, and Pluto. I addition you can zoom in on some of the Solar System's more famous moons; famous satellites (old and current) orbiting the Earth (eg ISS and Hubble); geography of the Moon, Mars, Earth and Venus and also a bunch of the Milky Way's stars. Go get it whilst it's on offer!

If you know of any awesome apps, please add them to the comments! Thanks.

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