Thursday, August 9, 2012

Piers Morgan, Bradley Wiggins and Colm Quinn

If Piers Morgan has any redeeming features, I am yet to discover them. From what I have seen on the media he comes across as a thoroughly nasty man. Recently, he has taken to twitter to attack Team GB's gold medal winners that don't sing the national anthem.

As well as this, he is also attempting to guilt trip future athletes, by donating £1,000 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity for every athlete that sings the national anthem, the message being: Don't sing the anthem, and GOSH have missed out on a thousand pounds you unBritish heartless monsters. It's easy to make gestures like this when you're worth (in financial terms) $20 million, but at least Great Ormond Street are benefiting from his mean spiritedness.

In response to this one quick witted chap posted this:

This tweet got some RTs and has now been falsely attributed to Bradley Wiggins.

Who knows why an athlete doesn't choose to sing the anthem? Does it matter if they don't? It's a personal choice, and should be left that way.

Certainly, Piers Morgan, one of Britain's worst exports, shouldn't get to define what patriotism and national pride mean.

Someone's set up a JustGiving page for Great Ormond Street in response too.


  1. Show some respect to the Monarch? What a freaking wanker.

  2. One of the things that disturbs honest men about patriotism is how frequently it is abused by scoundrels.

  3. Wasn't the jubilee enough opportunity to kiss some royal arse? Piers can't wait for the nod, the toady.


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