Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughtful LOLZ

Saw this outside a church:

My first thought was "God".

Though it does highlight a problem for the Church in this country.

Church attendances are dropping year on year (the latest stats released this year from the C of E for example show a 2% drop on the previous year), which is unsurprising, given the increasingly secular proportions of the UK.

Of course, as Neil deGrasse Tyson has pointed out: "...religiosity drops with education, especially with science education, but does not drop to zero, not even for members of the National Academy? I think that’s an amazing statistic, which tells us something about the human mind that is not yet understood." It may seem like a losing battle for the Church, and religion in general, but the truth seems to be that religion is probably here to stay for quite some time. So long as we can end up with a secular state (which is the fairest way for all religions), I'm ok with that.

But not until then.

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