Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Being a spoil sport for breast cancer awareness

A friend recently posted the Facebook status:

"It's confirmed, I'm going to be a daddy"

Naturally, I liked it, and was then sent this message:

"Sorry,you should not have liked or commented!!!! Now you have to pick from one of these below and post it to your status. This is THE 2014 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS game. Don't be a spoil sport, pick your poison from one of these and change your status, 1) Damn diarrhea 2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket 3) How do you get rid of foot fungus 4) No toilet paper, goodbye socks. 5) I think I'm in love with someone, what should I do? 6) I've decided to stop wearing underwear 7) it's confirmed, I'm going to be a Mommy/Daddy! 8) Just won $900 on a scratch card 9) I've just found out I've been cheated on the past 5 months. Post with no explanations. So sorry, I fell for it too. Looking forward to your post."

If this was just a status meme doing the rounds, I might play as they can be fun. But it's not actually doing anything at all to raise awareness of any aspect of breast cancer, and it bugs me to see a cause I've done quite a lot of fundraising for co-opted to spread a practical joke via Facebook. So I'm not playing the Facebook game, and instead have written this blog post.

Feel free to help breast cancer awareness by doing any of these if you have the time:

Checking out information on breast cancer from Breast Cancer Campaign or the NHS - in women, and in men.

Looking at how you can support Breast Cancer Campaign or maybe sharing this blog on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

All these things will do lots more for breast cancer awareness than playing a joke on my friends.

Though if you could tell me how to get rid of foot fungus, that would be appreciated. For a friend.

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