Atheists around the world

My plan is to put links to atheist/skeptic/free thought etc groups around the world. Want in? email, or leave a comment.

All mistakes are my own, but that doesn't mean I like them, let me know if you spot something wrong.

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  1. Sweden: Humanisterna. Also the publishers Fri Tanke. Lovely people - I met them last August.

  2. Thanks to everyone for emails etc - internet access at home has been a bit rubbish, so have a wee back log, but will hopefully catch up tomorrow lunch time

  3. I just checked out the big map o' atheism - very cool. You can plop me down in Whitman, MA, USA

  4. Thank you for adding us to the list ( from Uruguay). And yes, Uruguay has the largest percentage of atheists of the Americas and one of the largest in the world.

  5. Hey, how do I join? I got this link to your site from the Nike+ challenge I created... I'd like to put my city on your map for Atheists. We have CFI (Center for Inquiry) here in Grand Rapids, MI (USA), w/ Point of Inquiry podcasts. Does that count for your map? :) See ya in Nike+ Love your blogspot - thanks!

  6. Oh, I forgot the website for ya:

    I'm here:
    and on Facebook:!/shelynn2
    in Kentwood, MI

    CFI Grand Rapids, MI is:!/pages/Center-for-Inquiry/108511095839225

    Our branch leader is:!/jefferson.seaver

    Thanks again, 'BigDaveSB'/'English Atheist'!
    Shel Lynn

  7. Thanks Shel, I'll put them on when I get a chance!

  8. Unbelievable. I posted something about my blog in Uruguay here and the next post I see is one from Kentwood, Michigan which is where I actually reside. Small world. (Or could it be a sign from god...?)

  9. The Netherlands. This site/forum is the largest center for atheism in the Netherlands.

  10. Whaddup, BD.
    German humanist society:

    Humanistischer Verband Deutschlands

    Wallstrasse 61-65, 10179 Berlin


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