Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gateshead disgrace

Well, Jack of Kent predicted that if any of the Terry Jones nonsense hit the UK, arrests would be made. He was right.

This is a disgrace. Burning books may be (in my opinion) a very silly thing to do, but, if you own a book, and wish to burn it, that is your right. Further more, posting a video on You Tube of the incident is not inciting racial hatred, as, from what I've seen reported, it was just a video of them burning the books.

Had they had a running commentry in which they were instructing people to go and cause violence and harm to Muslims, then that's another story.

Any Muslim reaction to a Koran being burnt is the fault of the Muslim. The correct kind of reaction would be to explain in a video of your own, a letter, a book, why such an act has upset. A video would be best - if people could see the genuine upset it has caused you, for it is very offensive to you, then people may think twice. Indeed, the very reason I have this blog, and don't use my name, is to avoid religious friends of mine reading it, and me losing them as friends. I value them too much to fall out over their silly superstitions. Here, I can express myself freely. You should try it.

Going out and being violent will not help your cause.

If I had a Koran now, I would burn it and post the video here in protest at the infringement of free speech. But I do not. You will have to, instead, make do with Philip Pullman explaining that no one has the right to go through life without getting offended:

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