Monday, October 18, 2010


TAM was, well, amazing, I had an absolutely fantastic time!

In an ideal world, I'd give a great run down here, but I've not really got the time. PZ has handily put the links I want to give you in one place, so that shall have to suffice for now. Oh, and maybe some very brief highlights:

Adam Rutherford: "Is this all there is? Too right, and it's f*cking amazing!"

Check out the Beagle Project, it's super exciting!

Rhys Morgan. Legend!


It was great to shake the hand and say thank you to people whose blogs, books, work has inspired, helped and entertained me over the years too!

Also, I want to say that, yes it was expensive, but we paid for what we got. I was impressed with every talk given, the food was yummy, and it was in Central London. These aren't cheap things to arrange, and it's also a fundraiser for JREF, and the profits will be used in the UK. I do hope I can afford next year...

However, something that came out of it was that it's made me want to change this blog a bit. Initially I set it up as I didn't really have a decent vent for my frustrations about religion, specifically. But there's lots of other stuff out there that I get excited about (science, especially biological science), and other stuff that gets me angry (quacks making money out of people for example). So, I'll probably blog more, about a wider range of things.

Oh, and if I'm doing new things, please sign this petition to help save the tiger. It's completely free to do, won't take long, and will help save the tiger!

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