Thursday, October 7, 2010

National Poetry Day

Here's a poem I wrote for Darwin Day, following my status wishing everyone a happy Darwin Day, my friend wrote:

Forget Darwin Day:
Evolution’s disproved by
Spaghetti Monster!

I replied:

And yet it does move
Galileo did not say
But it makes my point

Three observations
And the two deductions
Darwin’s Magnum Opus

For he observed that
Species over reproduce
Observation one

Despite this he saw
Population stays stable
Observation two

Therefore there is a
Survival competition
His first deduction

Last observation
Individuals unique
Each is different

Those differences
They influence survival
The best are passed on

Evidence profound
ATP universal
DNA in all

Fossils abundant
Tiktaalik “transitional”
Tetrapod almost

And so you can see
Noodly appendage absent
Heresy, I know

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