Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This post contains Paranormal Activity 2 spoilers

I saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night, and really enjoyed it. I'm not generally a fan of horror movies, I find them a bit dull and predictable (which is funny, as I like action movies which are well known for their complex and original plots).

Any how, it got me thinking. One of the characters I liked was the husband of the couple. He was skeptical about his house being haunted, and came up with rational explanations for the phenomena at first. This doesn't mean he was closed minded, but the reason the film is a work fiction and not fact, is because in real life rational explanations generally work out.

What I liked was his response to the video evidence of his house being haunted. If I saw a video of my (hypothetical) wife being dragged by her feet, by an invisible force, twice, and finally flung down into the basement, I'd think there would be something weird going on.

Earlier in the film he had fired the maid, as she was found wondering around with burning herbs, to ward off evil spirits. His first reaction was to call her back in, as she seemed to know about this paranormal stuff. It was a nice demonstration of re-adjusting his beliefs with evidence, and then acknowledging his ignorance of such matters, having previously dismissed it all, and calling in someone who seemed to know more on the matter than him. In fact her actions drove the demon from the house!

Obviously, he wasn't to know that this demon was out to get his son, and that in driving the demon from the house it possesed his sister in law instead, who ultimately returned, broke his neck, killed his wife too, and made off with Hunter. But hey, the dog and the daughter survived.

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