Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheltenham SITP - Tues 30th

Cheltenham SITP is properly up and running! Big thanks to @Jin_Shei for sorting it all out.

The Strand in Cheltenham on the last Tuesday of the month.

For the full Cheltenham SITP experience, check out: the website, twitter, Facebook and you can email

The first talk will be "Breaking the crop circle" by Trystan Swale of Righteous Indignation podcast fame:
Plasma vortices, extra-terrestrial communication or manmade works of art - the annual summer crop circle season continues to inspire, encourage debate and amuse. Having been fascinated with the whole phenomenon since a child, Trystan Swale analyses the various claims as to their origins and explains why the myth is one that will continue despite the wealth of evidence for a man-made solution.

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