Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stephen Neary

Graham Linehan tweeted this post from Anna Raccoon.

Essentially, due to daft legislation, Stephen Neary who is autistic was put into respite care for three days whilst his father was ill. This was December last year. Some truly daft legislation is keeping him "in care", away from his father, which causes him more distress. Please read the full story. Then do at least one of, if not all, of the following:

After next week, no one will be able to write of Stephen’s case. It will vanish behind the stone walls of the Court of Protection. Just one more file.

You can help by giving this case as much publicity as possible over the next few days.

You can sign the petition demanding he be returned to his family. (Currently 2,286 signatures).

You can write of Stephen’s case on your own blog.

If you still have time to spare, might I suggest that you write to whichever Daily Newspaper you read and ask them why their pages are full of tittle tattle from illegally released diplomatic cables – and yet they can never find the space to illustrate true injustices happening to a British citizen right under their noses?

Please let's get on this guys.

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