Monday, March 21, 2011

4chan is the meaning of life

With my overdose nearly over I was thinking of another project.

With the free time I'll get from not training for a marathon (as that will be over soon too, I was thinking of the Alpha Course (following Adam Rutherford's talk at TAM London). Any way, had a quick look at the site, saw this. Thank you Gloucestershire, thank you:

Yes, 4Chan is the most popular answer (jointly with three others) to "What is the meaning of life?" in Glocuestershire.


  1. The meaning of life is 29% in the UK and 56% in Gloucestershire. Huh? Am I missing something? Where's the missing 71% and 44%?

  2. Those are the four most popular answers - it would be interesting to see all the data!


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