Friday, March 18, 2011

Homeopathy overdose: Fourth and fifth symptoms (probably contains more information than you want to know)

Well, to do this overdose properly, I must report on all aspects of any ill health. Regrettably, I must now inform you about the state of my bowels.

Yesterday I had an interview for a PGCE place. I usually don't iron my shirts, I let them hang and dry, and they're good enough for the office. However, being an interview, I wanted to look as smart as possible. So instead of getting up, going to the loo, then showering (as is my normal routine), I went to iron my shirt (and at the same time boil some eggs for the presentation I had to give). Alas, I had a case of the runs whilst ironing my shirt. I don't know why. The previous night, I had a chicken linguine from Asda that was discoutned as it needed eating that day. Did this cause it, or was it my homeopathy overdose after nearly four months giving me a genuine symptom? Could it have been that, had I followed my normal routine, I'd never even have worried, as I'd have passed off my morning's motion as a bit runny, but nothing to worry about? None of these thoughts crossed my mind at the time. My main concern was sorting out the mess, and getting to the interview on time.

Thankfully, I'd allowed plenty of extra time, which allowed me to get ready, and to get to a pharmacy for some Imodium (other options may be available, but I just went with the only one I could think of, given the time pressure). When there I found Imodium plus. This would not just (hopefully) sort the diarrhoea, but also wind (and bloating and stomach cramps, but I wasn't experiencing any of these things). Breaking wind in an interview is bad enough, I did not want to discover how I would cope with soiling myself in such a situation, and must admit that until the interview started, I was terrified of breaking wind, lest it was more than gas that was emitted. After it had started, I was totally focused though, and didn't think about my situation until...

During the interview, my sensation of taste changed. Now, the leaflet (there is always time to read the leaflet of new drugs you are going to take. I did this before purchasing them. If you don't read the leaflet that comes with any new drug, you're an idiot) did list this as one of the more common side effects of the imodium, but, of course, this could also be the homeopathy pills finally having an effect.

I'm pleased to report that last night, and this morning, I passed motion as normal, as I poo twice a day usually (both were a healthy Type 4 on the Bristol Stool Scale).  The last time I had uncontrollable runs was about five years ago from food poisoning. After my trip to Brazil in '09 I also got the runs, but, thankfully never soiled myself, and had antibiotics to clear them up. I give this background to show that it's quite rare.

This is the first symptom that is out of the blue. Dodgy chicken seems more likely, but, maybe homeopathic pills, when taken for nearly four months, gives you a single case of the runs. Friday of next week is the last day of the overdose.

I'd also like to say to all the homeopaths that have doubted my seriousness and sincerity: I have just admitted, to the entire world (potentially) that I pooed my pants, and my pooing habits. I am approaching this overdose seriously by actually reporting everything. Given the choice, I'd rather not let people know these things, and, I suspect, I might have just taken a dip in readership.

As for the interview, I think it went well. The decision on whether I have a place was made yesterday, but, the interviewers let the Uni know their decision, and the Uni then let me know.

The Society of Homeopaths have replied to my complaint, and (time willing), I'll address this properly next week.

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