Friday, January 6, 2012

Some science iPhone apps (and an Android app) I like (and are free)

When I got my iPhone the first app I went searching for was a periodic table. This was before checking out other features of the phone. This is probably another symptom of science geekery. Anyhow, I thought I'd share some of the science based iPhone apps that I've found:

ChemTouch - A wonderful, interactive periodic table*, with *loads* of info. Also comes with info o amino acids and nucleotides.

Cosmic - From the American Museum of Natural History, a mosaic of some astronomical photos, that make up a mosaic of Saturn.

Dinosaurs - again from the American Museum of Natural History, a big bunch of dinosaur/fossil photos that make up a T. Rex mosaic, and a load of info about a number of different dinosaurs. Like the above, but for dinosaurs.

Exoplanets - info on exoplanets. All of them.

Mars - A globe of Mars, with loads of info on terrain, our exploration of it and the people involved. (I've actually got the £0.69 HD version).

Molecules - 3D models of molecules you rotate and zoom in on. Comes with a few, and you can download more, or create your own!

Moon - Moon equivalent of the Mars one above. I also splashed out on the £0.69 version.

TimeTree - defo a must have. Input any two living things, and find out when they shared a common ancestor, and the evidence for the estimate. 

Alas, I couldn't find the above for Android.

Also, having helped (a bit. A very small bit) with the Meningitis Trust's Android and iPhone apps, I can't resist another chance to plug them. Loads of info on the signs and symptoms of meningitis (which can be confused with the flu or a hangover). The info in this app could save your life.

Please suggest any other good apps below!

*On that subject, I highly recommend "The Disappearing Spoon" by Sam Kean.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Exoplanets app is very cool. If you haven't found this one yet check out Planets, it's a real time map (2d or 3d) of the night sky. Great for finding plants etc. I do a lot of mixing, measuring, and converting at work, so I also like the Convert units app. It's add supported now, which is a little annoying, but I find it useful. And if you're willing to part with $2, you might also like Solar Walk. Though this one is mostly eye candy, as the educational content is pretty basic.

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