Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Proof of God: The Argument from Antiquity

I came across a novel take on the burden of proof, with respects to god's' (delete apostrophe depending on your level of polytheism) existence:
Actually, religious persons existed before aithiests (I mean, obviously otherwise there wouldnt be anything to not believe in) So religious people were worshipping and an aithiest proclaimed "There is no God". That is an accusation
In a court case the burden of proof lies on the prosecution or the accuser
Atheism is an accusatory belief (Philosophy)
To quote How I Met Your Mother:....LAWYERED!!!
I enjoy reading differing world views, especially those that help to challenge mine. When it comes to religious apologists (sophisticated theology or no) it often seems like just a game of how much flawed reasoning and logical fallacies can you spot? (I count four things in the above Argument from Antiquity).

It's not just anonymous religious commentators on the Internet though. Scientists too: Francis Collin's conversion to Christianity, fir example, occurred when he was overcome with the beauty of a waterfall. This is from a scientist who helped decode the human genome.

Neil deGrasee Tyson hits the nail on the head when he asks: "Are they both not as intrigued as I am that religiosity drops with education, especially with science education, but does not drop to zero, not even for members of the National Academy? I think that’s an amazing statistic, which tells us something about the human mind that is not yet understood."

It would be fascinating to find out what that something about the mind is.

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