Thursday, November 25, 2010

Buring the Koran shouldn't be a crime

So, a child's been arrested for inciting religious hatred by burning the Koran.

A video was posted on Facebook, which got reported, and here we are. (It's not the first this has happen either). That the actual burning of the Koran was two weeks ago, no one at the time seemed to have minded. The video went on Facebook - I'd like to know if it was clearly labelled. If so, no one has to watch it.

The BBC quotes:
Catherine Heseltine, chief executive officer of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, said burning the Koran was one of the most offensive acts to Muslims that she could imagine.

She said: "The Koran is the most sacred thing to over a billion Muslims worldwide."

"You can see that in the way Muslims treat the Koran, washing before touching it and in many Muslim homes you will find it on the top shelf above all other books and we will never destroy the Koranic texts."

"We believe it is the word of God. God's guidance for us in this life," she added.

So what I say? Why is that relevant?

We have Muslims in this country who would prescribe execution as the penalty for gay sex, but with differing viewpoints as to whether death should be by stoning, immolation by fire or throwing offenders off a cliff.

That's very offensive to me, and no doubt even more so to anyone who's bi or homosexual.

People are entitled to their opinions and beliefs. If people want to burn their own property (safely) then that is their right. Likewise, people can be racist, homophobic, bigoted. We don't have to like this, their opinions will offend us, but they are allowed to express them.

So long as no one is coming to any harm, what is the issue?

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  1. It scares me that a child can be arrested over such a thing.
    I'm all for equality legislation, but religion is something that should be exempt from it.


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