Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Total self indulgence

So, I've neglected this blog (and reading everyone else's) of late, as work was really busy. I'm the Digital Media Officer for the Meningitis Trust, and we've *just* launched a new website, which is here:

So please feel free to check it out and give us your feedback!

(It wasn't just me that built it, my collegaues (and, also rather nicely, friends) Richard and Julie make up the wonderful trio that is the Trust's digital team).

I'm well chuffed with it!

Whilst I'm plugging that, I might as well mention the iPhone app we've made too.

Oh, and I'm running the London Marathon for the Trust too.

Normal blogging soon (which will include the beginning of a long term overdose of homeopathy, after the Lay Scientist's post)


  1. I find the Meningitis site clean and easy to navigate. One thing is not clear to me; why would one need to Register/Sign in? I can see nothing explaining the reason, but perhaps I’m being thick.

  2. Thanks for the feedback - if you register, you can join in the online community here:


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