Sunday, January 9, 2011

ANGRY! Don't check twitter before bed

Well, dang, there I was just tweeting my blog post and ready to go to sleep, then I see these two tweets:

Firstly, from @timminchin
Fury rating: 5. Lucy Johnston should (but won't) be fired for this story. Incompetent, immoral, shit journalism.

People die from flu, and also from fear of vaccines in general (also see the Jenny McCarthy body count on the bottom right hand side of this blog). I don't like the whole fear mongering in the press, but if you feel the need to whip things up into heightened levels of unnecessary fear, why not go for the "Flu vaccines running out, we're all going to die" approach? You don't even have to start being truthful (I know it's hard for you), and could blame it all on immigrants taking away vaccines from us good, honest, hard working Brits.

Secondly, from @davidallengreen
Jack of Kent blogpost: has @MrKennethTong admitted to a criminal offence?

I haven't got much to add to his blog post, only that it makes me sad to be reminded that people like Kenneth Tong exist.

I'm going to read some Winnie the Pooh before sleep now.

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