Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kenneth Tong

From Natalie Onions:

If you're unfamiliar with Kenneth Tong, this is good.

If you have heard of him, or wish to discover more abut this odious being, read Johann Hari's interview with him, you can get the full transcript or the write up.

PS Regular readers might remember, he was one half of what made me angry the other night.

UPDATE: @DavidAllenGreen tweets: A footnote to the @MrKennethTong affair. The charity Beat confirms he has not actually given or offered any donation, sizable or otherwise.

Cough up Tong!


  1. Excellent song, it was funny and well done.

    The thing is though, if everyone had just ignored Mr Tong from the outset, his message wouldn't have spread so much. It was people being shocked and loudly condemning him that made him so well known so quickly. With the exception of Johann Hari who actually seems to have made a difference, most people have preached to the choir while introducing the vile views of Mr Tong to others.

  2. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Mr Tong's donation to Beat if I were you: he has a history of welching on promises he's made to charities.

  3. Granted, his comments could potentially be very detrimental, but, for those that (upsettingly) take his messages on board, would that have tipped them over the edge, or would they already be in need of help? I don't know the answer, but (being an optimist by nature), think that with the wider condemnation of him, I think that on the whole it is a Good Thing. Hopefully it's brought anorexia, and eating disorders generally, into the public consciousness a it more.

    That said, I'd rather it not have happen...

  4. Thanks Anonymous tip off - to be honest, I don't suppose he'll ever donate, but if he does I think it even less likely through that page!


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