Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whilst I'm talking about Prof. Brian Cox... Astrology

He and Dara O'Briain rubbished astrology on Stargazing Live, and the Astrological Association of Great Britain is irate, and have a petition, which in addition to apologies etc says "We also request that the BBC will commit to making a fair and balanced representation of astrology when aired in the future."

Whilst I echo Martin Robbin's sentiments:
On the second sentence at least I think we can all agree. I'd love to see the BBC give a fair and balanced representation of astrology. In fact sod it, let's extend that to all newspapers as well.

Such a representation would depict astrology as a pseudoscience with no real basis in evidence that was already being ridiculed in the Dark Ages, and note that after thousands of years astrologers still can't produce statistically meaningful results.

I'd like to add that currently astrology gets free reign on Steve Wright's BBC Radio 2 Show, just the other day I had to turn over when astrologer Sara Delphi came on (six days left to listen, if you want to waste your time).

"Sara Delphi is a leading clairvoyant, astrologer and expert in Tarot and Palm reading. For the past two years Sara has been one of the team of astrologists on the Steve Wright in the Afternoon Show BBC Radio 2."

So, I put it to you Astrological Association, exactly what do you mean by balance? On the one hand we have a BBC show that highlights the fact that astrology is bunk, and on the other a show that says it isn't and has, if Sara's website is to be believed (though she does make her money by either being deluded or a fraud) a team of astrologers astrologists. Isn't that balanced?

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