Saturday, February 5, 2011

10:23 Challenge

I was hoping to take part tomorrow, at the same time as everyone at the QED conference, but then I realised my homeopathic remedy came 72 tablets a box and that today is 72 days since my long term overdose started, and I liked that. With the 10:23 challenge being for the weekend of the 5th and 6th, I took an entire packet at 10:23 today.

Since my long term overdose started, I've taken 8 tablets every day, which is 2 more than the maximum recommended dose (2 tablets 4 hours before bed, 2 tablets immediately before bed, and, if needed, a further 2 during the night). That's 576 in total, and 144 more than is recommended. Today takes me up to 216 more tablets than needed. I might take another pack tomorrow though - it was actually quite nice eating that many at once (I have quite a sweet tooth).

It's at this point I should inform/remind people that one of the principles of homeopathy is that like treats like. So, under homeopathic principles, caffeine could be used to treat insomnia. No, this doesn't make sense. However, as I am fit and well, taking a homeopathic treatment should give me the symptoms it is trying to cure. I chose an insomnia remedy as I sleep really well, and am a fit and healthy individual. Also, as I hated supporting the industry, I offset my woo footprint by donating to Sense About Science.

So far, I'm feeling fine - the only bad things I've experienced since this overdose were a cough in December, and a stiff neck in January.

In fact, with my marathon training having gone up a notch, I'm actually feeling better than ever,  and am consequently sleeping *really* well too (after running 8 miles, then having an hour and a half of capoeira, I think most people would sleep really well!).

Oh, I can't really mention my marathon, and the not say "Please sponsor me, it's for the Meningitis Trust" : P


  1. Hey, is this overdose thing a desperate cry for help? Do I need to call the medics?

  2. Amusing!

    But since they claim that dilution is supposed to increase the potency of homeopathic "medicines", then shouldn't you crush one pill into powder, and take a small fraction of that, dissolved in a litre or two of water, in order to "overdose"?

  3. Lovin' the idea of offsetting your woo footprint by donating to Sense About Science! Excellent!

  4. Woo Footprint is my favourite term of the year so far. :-)

  5. You are taking a homeopathic remedy against insomnia. And you're sleeping *really* well? So the homeopathic remedy works *really* well? :o)

  6. Thanks guys - I've set up a JustGiving page, so any one can off set any woo footprint they might have to create

    Daniel - "However, as I am fit and well, taking a homeopathic treatment should give me the symptoms it is trying to cure." Welcome to the world of homeopathy.


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