Friday, March 4, 2011

Couple of quickies

When this was reported on BBC Radio 2 news, they said "the couple who are morally opposed to homosexuality". Let's get this clear, they are bigots. It wouldn't be right to say "the couple who are morally opposed to black and white people sharing bus seats/women having the vote/leaving female genitals unmutilated". Let's say it for what it is, the couple are opposed to homosexuality for religious reasons. One of the many reasons that I do not like religions.

The Pope has said that all the Jews alive today are not guilty for killing Jesus. Who knew? An entire group of people alive today are not guilty for the possible acts of a tiny group of their ancestors 2,000 odd years ago. How is this stuff taken seriously?


  1. LOL love the last paragraph. Completely agree. That homophobic couple make me feel ill, not allowing them to foster was completely the right thing to do.

  2. Of course the Pope shouldn't have needed to say it, since the Second Vatican Council of 1962-65 issued a declaration repudiating the idea. But the Pope needed to remind people of it, and Vatican 2 say it, because blaming the Jews collectively for Jesus' death has been a common feature of Christianity since early times, and used to justify pogroms.

    The Daily Telegraph portrayed the homophobic couple as "normal Christians". I don't think the Archbishop of Canterbury would agree that homophobia is a normal part of Christianity in this country, but, unfortunately, it does seem to be a normal part of Christianity in some other countries, and a normal part of the beliefs of certain minority Christian groups.


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